Battery Charger + Li-Ion Battery (1200mAh) for Doro PhoneEasy 332 / Primo 215 405

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Compatible with: Doro Easy 5 Plus, PhoneEasy 332, PhoneEasy 332GSM, Primo 215, Primo 405. Hisense CS668. Hqrs 777. Mcgrey MC-50B. Media-Tech MT842, MT842B, MT842R, MT842W, MT843, MT843KG, MT843KR, MT843WB, MT845, MT847KB, MT847KG, MT847KR. Micromax E390, X335. Mobiado Professional, Professional CAMO, Professional EM. Onext Active Phone, Care-Phone 2, Care-Phone 3, Care-Phone 4. Skylink Classic, Hit, Simple. Spice C5300, M6464, QT-52, S3636. Switel M160. Texet TM-502R, TM-503RS, TM-B100, TM-B110, TM-B200, TN-606. Replaces this battery type: RCB215, RCB405, LI3795bkG, BT-214, H15132, SIB-11, SIB-16, TB-BL5C, BT-N3650.

  • Micro USB connection: Connection of the original charger or data cable possible
  • Status LED