Battery Charger + Li-Ion Battery (1200mAh) for Hagenuk E60

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Compatible with: AEG Fone 3, Adapt BT Bluetooth BT77, BT74R, Altina Purple Grid K2. Audioline Amplicom Powertel M4000, Amplicom PowerTel M5000, Amplicom Powertel M5010, Amplicom PowerTel M5100, Amplicom Powertel M6000. Auro Comfort 1010, Comfort 1020, Comfort 1060, Comfort 10xx, M101. Bea-Fon S20. ContourHD Camcorder. DeTeWe Vision 4000. Doro 332, 332GSM, 330GSM. ezGPS PS-3100, GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr, Geemarc CL 8200, 8300, 8400. Hagenuk E60, Fono 3, Fono C250, Fono C800, Fono C900, Fono DS300, Fono E100, Fono E110, HandleEasy 330GSM. i-Trek M1, M6, M7, Z1 BT GPS, ITT Easymax, Leadtek 9559x, Maxcom MM 440BB, 460BB.MaxCom MM440BB, MM460BB. Myphone 1010 Chiaro, 1030, 1070, 1070 Chiaro, 1170 Easy, 3350, 3370, 3370 Sweet, 6650, 6651, 6651 Young, 7720, 8815, 8815 TV, 8815TV, 8815TV Foxy. Maxcom MM440BB, MM460BB, MM462, MM462BB. Nieuw BT77, OXA NFC Bluetooth Lautsprecher. Olympia Viva 1 - 2128, Viva 2 - 2129, Becco Plus, Senioren Handy, Caro Rot, Chic, CHIC2122ROT. Philips Avent SCD600/00/10, SCD610, Q-Starz BT-Q810. Rikaline 6033, ROUTE66 Bluetooth GPS, Solarius BT GPS. Sumvision Bluetooth GPS Receiver, Simvalley SX-330 Dual Sim, XL915, SiRF III High Sensitivity Bluetooth xGPS Receiver. Simvalley SX330, SX-330, SX330 Dual Sim. Swissvoice BBM320, MP03, MP22, MP33. Tiptel Ergophone 6010, 6011, 6020, 6021, 6050, 6060. Topcom Babyviewer 4500. Wintec WBT- 100, 200, 201, 300, XAiOX TrapScout. Replaces this battery type: AK54, 9133-5C, BP-MPB16, CP10, DR6.2009, EZ388+, V2, Z-IN100, BK053465, NX11BT3002654, PX-3315-675, V2, 818044179, BP-75LI, HARE.

  • Micro USB connection: Connection of the original charger or data cable possible
  • Status LED