Battery-Set Ni-MH Mignon AA Sanyo Eneloop (BK-3MCCE) incl. Charger (BQ-CC51E)

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The plug is molded to the case for direct use into an A/C wall socket. If you take off the European plug, you will be able to use the US-plug, which is placed behind it, making MQR06 very convenient for traveling.

A very special feature is the individual charging, whereas each single cell gets charged on it´s own. The charging progress gets checked and ended for each single cell via Peak-Cut-Control. On top you have the possibility to choose between 3 charging tempos. 1-4 eneloops at normal speed need to get charged 220 minutes. Only 2 eneloops just need to get charged half of the time- 110 minutes. If you only want to charge one single eneloop, you can even do this with triple speed in only 75 minutes.

Delivery: Sanyo Eneloop charger boxed MQR06 with four-pack of Eneloop AA/Mignon batteries with 1900 mAh.

Input 100-240V~50-60 Hz 7W

1,2V, 1120mA × 2 (AA)

1,2V, 560mA × 2 (AAA)

Charge Control Peak-Cut-Control





220 minutes (1-4 AA)

110 minutes (2 AA)

75 minutes (1 AA)

200 minutes (1-4 AAA)

100 minutes (2 AAA)

65 minutes (1 AAA)


4 LEDs

Size 105 × 65 × 27 mm
Weight ca. 111 g