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Compatible with: Alltel PPC6700. Audiovox PPC-6700V, VX-6700. Cingular 6500, 8525. Dopod 838 Pro, 9000, CHT9000. HTC Apache, Hermes, Hermes 100, Hermes 160, Hermes 200, P4500, TyTn. iMate JASJAM. Ntt Docomo hTc Z.O2 XDA Trion. Orange SPV M3100. Qtek 9600. Softbank X01HT. Sprint PPC-6700. Swisscom XPA v1605. T-Mobile MDA vario II. Utstarcom 6700, PPC-6700, VX6700. Verizon XV6700. Vodafone v1605, VPA Compact III, Wireless PDA 1605. Replaces this battery type: 35H00060-00M, 35H00060-01M, 35H00060-04M, BA S100, BTR6700, BTR6700B, HERM160, HERM161, HERM300, PA16A. Dimensions: ca. 63 x 42 x 6 mm. Capacity: 1400 mAh.
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Compatible with: Dopod 595. HTC Breeze, Breeze 100, Breeze 160, MTeoR. i-Mate SP JAS. Orange SPV C700. Qtek 8600. Swisscom XPA v1405. Replaces this battery type: BA-S130, BREE160, 35H00068-01M. Dimensions: ca. 65 x 41 x 6 mm. Capacity: 1300 mAh.
€ 9,89

VAT included, plus freight charges

Compatible with: HTC Star Trek, Erato, S411, S420, Star Trek 100. Qtek 8500, 8500 Pink. Dopod 710, S300. i-Mate Smartflip. Orange SPV F600. Cingular 3125. Replaces this battery type: STAR160. Dimensions: ca. 45 x 37 x 4 mm. Capacity: 750 mAh.
€ 9,89

VAT included, plus freight charges


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