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Mains charger for Siemens Gigaset A14 / A160 A380 / C34 C45 / S44 S45 / SL780

Mains charger for Siemens Gigaset A14 / A160 A380 / C34 C45 / S44 S45 / SL780 günstig online kaufen
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Suitable for use with Siemens Gigaset Ladeschale A14, A16, A16H, A24, A160, A260, A265,A380, A400, A400A, A510, A510H, A580, A585, AC255, AL140, AL145, AL180, AL185, AL280, AL285, AP180, AP185, AS140, AS145, AS280, AS285, AS28H, C34, C38, C38H, C45, C47, C47H, C59, C59H, C300, C300A, C300H, C380, C385, C470, C475, C590, C595, C600, C610, CS385, CX470, CX475, E36, E36H, E45, E49, E49H, E360, E365, E450, E455, E490, E495, E500, S44, S45, S67, S67H, S68, S68H, S79, S79H, S450, S670, S675, S670IP, S680, S685, S680IP, S685IP, S790, S795, S810, S810A, S810H, SL565, SL780, SL785. Telekom T-Com Sinus 301, A301, 301i, A301i, 302, A302, 501, A501, 501i, A501i, 501v, 502, A502, A502i, T-Sinus 702, 400, 500, 501, 600, 702k, 702S. Replaces the following models: C39280-Z4-C710, C39280-Z4-C705, SNG-33, SNG-33A.

  • Compact travel charging device with various input voltages
  • Input 100-240V
  • Cable lenght approx. 1,20m

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