Battery Li-Ion compatible with Nikon EN-EL10 / Pentax D-Li63 / Olympus Li-40B / Li-42B / Fuji NP-45 / Kodak Klic-7006

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: NP-45, EN-EL10, Li-40B, Li-42B, D-Li63, Klic 7006, 02491-0066-07. Dimensions: ca. 39,5 x 31 x 5,5 mm. Capacity: 650 mAh / 3,7V.

Suitable for use with:

- AgfaPhoto OPTIMA 1, OPTIMA 3, OPTIMA 100, OPTIMA 102, OPTIMA 103, OPTIMA 104, OPTIMA 105, OPTIMA 145, OPTIMA 830UW, OPTIMA 1438m
- Avant S5v2, S6v2, S6v3, BenQ, DC E1030, DC E1035, DC E1230, DC E1240, DC E1250, DC E1260, DC E1280, DC E1420, DC E1430, DC E1460, DC E1465, DC E1480, DC T1260, DC T1460, DC W1220
- Casio Exilim G: EX-G1
- Casio Exilim HI-ZOOM: EX-H5, EX-H50, EX-ZS100, EX-ZS150
- Casio Exilim N-Serie: EX-N1 Casual, EX-N1 Simple, EX N-10 Classic, EX-N10 Dressy
- Casio Exilim ZOOM: EX-Z1, EX-Z2, EX-Z16, EX-Z33, EX-Z115, EX-Z270, EX-Z280, EX-Z330, EX-Z335, EX-Z350, EX-Z370, EX-Z550, EX-Z800, EX-ZS5, EX-ZS6
- Fuji FinePix J10, FinePix J15, FinePix J20, FinePix J25, FinePix J27, FinePix J30, FinePix J100, FinePix J110w, FinePix J120, FinePix J150w, FinePix J210, FinePix J250, FinePix JV100, FinePix JX200, FinePix JX280, FinePix JX300, FinePix JX370, FinePix JX400, FinePix JZ300, FinePix JZ500, FinePix T200, FinePix T300, FinePix T350, FinePix T400, FinePix XP10, FinePix XP30, FinePix XP50, FinePix Z10fd, FinePix Z20fd, FinePix Z30, FinePix Z33WP, FinePix Z35, FinePix Z37, FinePix Z70, FinePix Z90, FinePix Z100fd, FinePix Z200fd, FinePix Z300, FinePix Z700EXR, FinePix Z800EXR, FinePix Z900EXR, FinePix Z950EXR, FinePix Z1000EXR
- General Imaging GE A1255W, GE E1255W, GE E1276W, GE G3WP
- Kodak EasyShare M23, EasyShare M530, EasyShare M531, EasyShare M550, EasyShare M552, EasyShare M575, EasyShare M580, EasyShare M873, EasyShare M883, EasyShare M5350, EasyShare M5370, EasyShare MINI, EasyShare TOUCH
- Maginon Super Slim XS 60, Super Slim XS 70, Super Slim XS 80
- Medion Life P42002 (MD 86121), Life P43000 (MD 86124), Life P43001 (MD 86123), Life P43008 (MD 86270), MD 86276, MD 86295, MD 86308, MD 86350, MD 86355, MD 86358, MD 86508
- Nikon Coolpix S60, Coolpix S80, Coolpix S200, Coolpix S210, Coolpix S220, Coolpix S225, Coolpix S230, Coolpix S500, Coolpix S510, Coolpix S520, Coolpix S550, Coolpix S570, Coolpix S600, Coolpix S700, Coolpix S3000, Coolpix S4000, Coolpix S5100
- Olympus C-25, C-570
- Olympus D-630 Zoom
- Olympus FE-20, FE-150, FE-160, FE-190, FE-220, FE-230, FE-240, FE-250, FE-280, FE-290, FE-300, FE-310, FE-320, FE-330, FE-340, FE-350 Wide, FE-360, FE-3010, FE-4050, FE-5000, FE-5030, FE-5050, FE-5500
- Olympus IR-300
- Olympus mju 550 WP, mju 700, mju 720 SW, mju 725 SW, mju 730, mju 740, mju 750, mju 760, mju 770 SW, mju 780, mju 790 SW, mju 820, mju 830, mju 840, mju 850 SW, mju 1040, mju 1050 SW, mju 1060, mju 1200, mju 5000, mju 7000, mju Tough-3000
- Olympus SP-700
- Olympus VH-210, VR-310, VR-325, VR-330
- Olympus Tough: TG-310, TG-320 /
- Olympus X-15, X-560 WP, X-600, X-750, X-790, X-825, X-835, X-845, X-855, X-875, X-905
- Olympus Ordro, DC-T400
- Pentax Optio S12, Optio L30, Optio L40, Optio M30, Optio M40, Optio M90, Optio NB-1000, Optio RS100, Optio RS1000, RS1500, RS1500 Comics, Optio T30, Optio V10, Optio V15, Optio W30, Optio S1, Optio LS1000
- Polaroid t831, t1032
- Praktica Luxmedia 10-03, 12-04, 12-Z4, 12-Z4TS, 12-Z5, 14-04, 14-Z4TS, 14-Z5, 14-Z50, 14-Z50S, 14-Z51, 14-Z80S, 1405 slim, 16-Z24S, 16-Z51
- Revue DC 7 XS, DC 8 XS
- Rollei CL-102, CL-122, CL-202, CL-312, CL-320, CL-350, CL-360TS, CL-370TS, CL-390 SE, FL-140, Flexline 100 inTouch, Flexline 140, Flexline 200, Flexline 202, Flexline 250, Powerflex 440, Powerflex 450, Powerflex 455, Powerflex 460, Powerflex 470, RCP-7325XS, X-8 Sports, XS-8, XS-10
- Sanyo VPC-E1403, VPC-E1500TP, VPC-T1495
- SeaLife Reefmaster DC 600, DC1200
- Traveler (Aldi) IS 12, Slimline X8, Super Slim XS 8, Super Slim XS 10, Super Slim XS 70, Super Slim XS 80, SW 12, Touch One, XS 12, XS 40, XS 400, XS 4000, Z 14
- Voigtländer Vito 65, Vito 75, Vitolux S100, Vitoret U8

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting