Battery Li-Ion compatible with Sanyo CR-V3 / CRV3 (2 Kontakte)

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: CR-V3, CRV3, CR-V3P, LB01, LB-01, SBP-1103, SBP-1303, RCR-V3, RV3. Dimensions: ca. 51 x 28 x 14 mm. Capacity: 1400 mAh.

Suitable for use with:

- Benq: DC4500
- Canon: PowerShot A300, A60, A70, A75.
- Casio GV Serien: GV-10, GV-20, GV-3EX.
- Casio QV Serien: QV 10, QV 10A, QV 11, QV 100, QV 200, QV 2000UX, QV 2100, QV 2300UX, QV 2400UX, QV 2800UX, QV 2900UX, QV 30, QV 300, QV 3000 PLUS, QV 3000EX QV 3000lr, QV 3500, QV 3500 Plus, QV-4000, QV 4000EX, QV-5000, QV 5700, QV 5000SX, QV-5700SX, QV 700, QV 770, QV 8000SX.
- Epson Photo PC Serien: 2100Z, 3000Z, 3100Z, 700, 750Z, 800, 850Z, 900Z.
- Kodak: EasyShare CW330
- Kodak EasyShare C Serien: C300, C310, C330, C340, C360, C433, C433 Zoom, C533 Zoom, C643/C653 Zoom, C743, C743 Zoom, C875, C875 Zoom.
- Kodak EasyShare CD Serien: CD33, CD40
- Kodak EasyShare CX Serien: CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6445, CX7220, CX7300, CX7310, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530.
- Kodak EasyShare DX Serien: DX3215, DX3500, DX3600, DX3700, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440.
- Kodak EasyShare Z Serien: Z650 Zoom, Z663 Zoom, Z700, Z710, Z740.
- Konica: Digital Revio KD-200Z, KD-210Z, KD-220Z.
- Kyocera: Finecam L3, L3v, L4, L4v.
- Maginon : DC-3010.
- Minolta: DiMAGE E203, DiMAGE E223, DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200, DiMAGE F300.
- Nikon Coolpix: 600, 700, 800, 950, 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4100.
- Olympus C Serien: C3000, C3040, C740, C750, C-1, C-1 Zoom, C-100, C-120, C-150, C-160, C-170, C-180, C-2, C-2 Zoom, C-200 Zoom, C-2040, C-2040Z, C-21, C-2100, C-2100UZ, C-2100UZ, C-211, C-211Z, C-21T.commu, C-220 Zoom, C-300 Zoom, C-3000, C-3000D-565 Zoom, C-3000Z, C-3020, C-3020Z, C-3030, C-3030Z, C-3040, C-3040Z, C-310 Zoom, C-3100 Zoom, C-315 Zoom, C-350 Zoom, C-360 Zoom, C-40 Zoom, C-4000, C-4000Z, C-4040, C-4040Z, C-450 Zoom, C-480Z, C-500Z, C-5050, C-5050Z, C-55, C-55 Zoom, C-5500 Sport Zoom, C-700, C-700UZ, C-720, C-720UZ, C-725 Ultra Zoom, C-730, C-730UZ, C-740, C-740UZ, C-745 Ultra Zoom, C-750, C-750UZ, C-755 Ultra Zoom, C-960 Zoom, C-990 Zoo.
- Olympus D Serien: D390, D510, D520, D530, D550, D560, D565, D-100, D-150/C1D-230, D-230, D-370, D-380, D-390, D-40, D-40Z, D-425, D-435, D-460, D-460Z, D-490, D-490Z, D-510, D-520Z, D-545Z, D-550Z, D-560Z, D-595Z.
- Olympus E Serien: E-10, E-100RS, E-20E-20P, E-20N.
- Olympus FE Serien: FE-100, FE-110, FE-120.
- Olympus SP Serien: SP-310, SP-320, SP-350, SP-500.
- Pentax Digibino Serien: DB100, DB200.
- Pentax Optio Serien: 230, 330GS, 33L, 33LF, 33WR, 43WR.
- Pentax Optio S Serien: S30, S40, S45, S50, S55, S60.
- Pentax *ist Serien: *ist D, *ist DL, *ist DL2 - *ist DS, *ist DS2.
- Polaroid: PDC-1050.
- Praktica: EXAKTA DC 3300, Praktica DC 2.1S.
- Praktica DCZ Serien: DCZ 1.3S, DCZ 2.2V, DCZ 2.2S, DCZ 3.2S, DCZ 3.4, DCZ 4.1, DCZ 4.2, DCZ 5.1.
- Ricoh: Caplio G3, Caplio G3 Model M, Caplio G3 Model S, Caplio 300G, Caplio RR30, Ricoh Caplio RR300.
- Samsung DigMax Serien: 101, 202, 240, 250, 301, 324, 350SE, 360, 370, 401, 420, 430, 530.
- Samsung DigiMax A Serien: A4, A5, A6, A7, A40, A50, A55W, A400, A402, A502, A503.
- Samsung DigiMax V Serien: V3, V4, V5, V6, V40, V50, V70, V4000.
- Samsung GX Serien: GX-1, GX-1L, GX-1S.
- Sanyo DSC Serien: DSC-AZ1, DSC-R1, DSC-S1, DSC-SX1Z, DSC-S3, DSC-S4, DSC-S5, DSC-SX150, DSC-SX550, DSC-SX560, DSC-X100, DSC-X110, DSC-X200.
- Sanyo VPC Serien: VPC-S3, VPC-S4, VPC-S5VPC-Z400.
- Sigma: SD9, SD10.
- Toshiba PDR Serien: PDR-2300, PDR-M1, PDR-M21, PDR-M25, PDR-M60, PDR-M61, PDR-M65, PDR-M71, PDR-M81, PDR-T10.

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting