battery Li-Ion for Samsung I8910 HD / Omnia 7 / Wave S8500 / B7300 (replaced EB504465VU)

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Compatible with: Samsung Omnia Lite GT-B7300 GT-B7300C (Buckingham), Omnia Pro GT-B7330 GT-B7330C, Omnia Pro GT-B7610 (Louvre), Giorgio Armani GT-B7620 GT-B7620U, Galaxy Spica GT-I5700, Galaxy 3 GT-I5800, Beam GT-I8520, GT-I8910 GT-I8910C HD, GT-I8910U, Omnia 7 GT-I8700, Shark GT-S5350, Wave GT-S8500, Wave II GT-S8530, Acclaim SCH-R880, Admire S SCH-R720, Galaxy Apollo GT-I5801, Vitality SCH-R720, Admire SCH-R720, Conquer 4G SPH-D600, Galaxy 580 GT-I5800, Galaxy Admire SCH-R820, Galaxy Naos GT-I5801, Galaxy Portal GT-I5700, Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820, Galaxy Rookie, Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930 (Stealth), Galaxy S Lightray 4G SCH-R940 (Stealth), Galaxy Teos GT-I5800, Omnia HD GT-I8910, Intercept SPH-M910, Intercept SPH-R880, Omnia W GT-I8350 GT-I8350C (Wembley), Replenish SPH-M580, GT-i640 M1, GT-i8320 Protector, Galaxy S Continuum SCH-I400, SCH-R680 Repp, Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE SCH-R960, Galaxy W 4G Ancora SGH-T679M, Sidekick 4G SGH-T839, Transform SPH-M920. Replaces this battery type: EB504465IZBSTD, EB504465LA, EB504465VA, EB504465VJ, EB504465VK, EB504465VU, EB504465VUBSTD, EB564465LU, SCBAS1, SO1S416AS/5-B. Dimensions: ca. 65 x 44 x 5 mm. Capacity: 1700 mAh.

  • Highest performance rechargeable battery of these models available for purchase
  • Equipped with high quality battery cells
  • Tried and tested high quality rechargeable batteries.
  • These are not cheap, low quality rechargeable batteries; they are brand name products strictly checked with regard to all EU standards
  • Protection against overloading, overheating and short circuiting
  • Can be charged using the original power supply
  • High end Li-Ion technology: high capacity without memory effect