battery Li-Ion for Samsung SGH-F480 F480i F480v F488 i620 A767 W509 W569 (replaced AB553446CE)

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Compatible with: Samsung SGH-920SE, SGH-i620, SGH-A767, SGH-A767 Propel, SGH-F480 SGH-F480 Tocco, SGH-F488, SGH-F488E, SGH-W509, SGH-W569. AT&T A767 Propel. Telstra F480, F480T. Replaces this battery type: AB553446CA, AB553446CE, AB553446CE, AB553446CEC, AB553446CUCSTD. Dimensions: ca. 48 x 37 x 5 mm. Capacity: 850 mAh.

  • Highest performance rechargeable battery of these models available for purchase
  • Equipped with high quality battery cells
  • Tried and tested high quality rechargeable batteries.
  • These are not cheap, low quality rechargeable batteries; they are brand name products strictly checked with regard to all EU standards
  • Protection against overloading, overheating and short circuiting
  • Can be charged using the original power supply
  • High end Li-Ion technology: high capacity without memory effect