car charger for LG P990 OPTIMUS SPEED BL20 BL40 newchocolate C300 C320 E720 E900 GD900 GS500 KM570 ARENA II (micro-USB)

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Suitable for use with LG A110, A133, BL20 newchocolate, BL40 newchocolate, C300 TOWN, C320 TOWN, C550, E400, E510, E720 OPTIMUS CHIC, E730, E900 OPTIMUS 7, GD510 POP, GD550, GD880 MINI, GD900 Crystal, GD910 Watchphone, GM360 VIEWTY SNAP, GM730, GM750 Layla, GS101, GS290 COOKIE FRESH, GS500 COOKIE PLUS, GT350, GT400, GT405, GT500 Puccini, GT505 Pathfinder, GT540 OPTIMUS, GU200, GU230, GU280, GW300, GW520, GW620 Etna, GW990, KF757 Secret, KM570 ARENA II, KT770, P350, P500 OPTIMUS ONE, P690, P920, P940, P970 OPTIMUS BLACK, P990 OPTIMUS SPEED, T300 COOKIE LITE, T310 COOKIE STYLE, T320 COOKIE 3G. Replaces the following models: CLA-305.

  • Cable for use in vehicle
  • For 12V and 24V connections
  • Operating LED
  • Quick charge/ Storage charge

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