USB data cable for Motorola V60 A630 A830 A835 A920 A925 A1000 A1010 C390 C975 C980 E398 E550 E1000 MPx220 T280

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Compatible with:Motorola A1000, A1010, A630, A830, A835, A920, A925, C390, C975, C980, E1 ROKR, E1000, E398, E550, MPx220, T280, T280i, T720, T720i, V1000, V1050, V300, V400, V400P, V500, V525, V550, V555, V600, V60i, V60, V620, V635, V66, V66i, V70, V80, V975, V980.

  • USB data cable for transferring data between a mobile phone and a PC
  • Power supply via USB port
  • Meticulous processing

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