Mains charger for Samsung SGH-E700 A300 A388 A400 A800 C100 C200N C210 D410 D500 D600 D710 E100 E300 E310 E330 E340 E350

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Suitable for use with Samsung SGH-A300, A388, A400, A800, C100, C120, C130, C200N, C210, C300, D410, D500, D600, D710, E100, E300, E310, E330, E330N, E340, E350, E360, E370, E380, E400, E600, E610, E630, E700, E710, E730, E750, E760, E770, E800, E820, E850, E860v, N200, N400, N500, N620, P100, P200, P400, P410, P510, P900, Q100, Q200, R200, R210, R220, S200, S300, S300M, S400i, S401i, S500, T100, T200, T400, V100, V200, X100, X120, X150, X160, X180, X200, X210, X300, X400, X450, X460, X480, X490, X500, X510, X520, X530, X600, X610, X630, X640, X650, X660, X670, X680, X700, X800, X900.

  • Compact travel charging device with various input voltages
  • Input 100-250V
  • Operating-LED
  • Cable lenght approx. 1,20m