Charger / power adapter compatible with HP 19V - 4,74A (90W) - 4,8 x 1,7mm

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Suitable for:

- C8000, NC8100, NC8200, NC8230, 8000, 8200, NC8230, NX8220, 8400, NC8430, NX8420, DV8000xx, DV8200, EE840AV, EE840AVR, DV8230ca, DV8233cl, DV8235nr, DV8275la, DV8280us, DV8293ea, DV8298xx, DV8299xx, DV8301tx, DV8308tx, DV8320ca, DV8320us, DV8327cl, DV8327us, DV8327ca, DV8327ea, DV8328ea, DV8328ca, DV8330us, DV8333cl, DV8339us, DV8356ea, DV8372ea, DV8373ea, DV8375la, DV8387ea, DV8380us, DV8395ea, DV8397ea
- NC4000, NC6000, NX5000, NX7000, NC2400, NC4400, NC6000, NC6100, NC6110, NC6120, NC6200, NC6220, NC6300, NC6320
- NX6100, NX6110, NX6115, NX6120, NX6125, NX6300, NX6310, NX6315, NX6320, NX6325, NC8000
- M2000, M2100, m2105ca, M2200, M2300, 2400, M2401xt, M2500, M2505
- V2000, V2000z, V2100, V2135us, V2200, V2205us, V2210us, V2300, V2310us, V2400, V2403us, V2405us, V2410us, V2414nr, V2500, V2505us, V2555us, V2570nr, V3000, V3018cl, V3019us, V3022au, V3100, V3110us, V4000, V4000, V4000z, V4100, V4105us, V4115us, V4200, V4240us, V4300, V4332us, etc, V4400, V4430us, etc, V5000, V5015us, V5100, V5115us, V5200, V5209us
- X1000, X1010us, etc, X1100, X1110us
- Armada E300, E500, E500S, E700, M300, M500, M700, Convenience Base m300, m700, e500, e700, n400c, n410c, n600c, V300, 100, 100s, 100, 110s, EVO n110, n150, EVO n400c, n410c, EVO n600c, n610c, n620c, EVO n800, n800c, n800v, n800w, EVO N1000, N8000, 165, 170, 190, 800
- ZT3000, DV1000, DV1010us, DV1100, DV1170us, DV1200, DV1245cl, nDV1227us, etc, DV1300, DV1310us, DV1311se, DV1321us, DV1400, DV1410us, DV1427us, DV1439us, DV1500, DVDV1530us, DV1600, DV1675us, DV1700, DV1720us
- DV4000, DV4020us, DV40330, DV4100, DV4165cl, DV4200, DV4223cl, DV4230us, DV4300, DV4307cl, DV4400, DV4410us, DV4430us, DV4440us
- DV5000, DV5020us, DV5100, DV5120us, DV5200, DV5205us
- EE885AV, EE885AVR
- DV8000, DV8002ea, DV8088us, DV8000, DV8100, DV8110us, DV8113cl, DV8120ca, DV8125nr, DV8200, DV8205tx, DV8210ca, DV8210us, DV8213cl, DV8225ca, DV8225nr, DV8240us, DV8301nr, DV8305us, DV8305ca, DV8309us, DV8310ca, DV8315ca, DV8315us
- ZE2000, ZE2100, ZE2200, ZE2300, ZE2400, ZE2500, ZE4900, ZE4901us, ZE4910us, ZE4330
- Special Edition L2000, L2100, L2200, L2300

  • Power adapter / charging cable compatible with HP notebooks
  • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19V - 4,74A (90W)
  • Plug: 4.8mm x 1,7mm