Battery Li-Ion compatible with JVC BN-VF823 (Intelligent Battery system - 100% compatible)

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: BN-VF823, BN-VF823U, BN-VF923, BN-VF923U. Dimensions: ca. 51,5 x 30,5 x 50 mm. Capacity: 2400 mAh / 7,4V.

Suitable for use with JVC:

- EX-Z2000

- GR-D720, GR-D720EK, GR-D720EX, GR-D720US, GR-D721EX, GR-D725EK, GR-D725EX, GR-D725US, GR-D726, GR-D726EK, GR-D726EX, GR-D726US, GR-D728, GR-D728EK, GR-D728EX, GR-D728US, GR-D740, GR-D740AC, GR-D740EK, GR-D740EX, GR-D740US, GR-D745EK, GR-D745EX, GR-D745US, GR-D746, GR-D746EK, GR-D746EX, GR-D746US, GR-D750, GR-D750AC, GR-D750EK, GR-D750EX, GR-D750U, GR-D750US, GR-D751, GR-D760, GR-D760EK, GR-D760EX, GR-D760US, GR-D770, GR-D770AC, GR-D770E, GR-D770EK, GR-D770EX, GR-D770US, GR-D770VS, GR-D771, GR-D771EK, GR-D771EX, GR-D771US, GR-D775, GR-D775EK, GR-D775EX, GR-D775US, GR-D790, GR-D790EK, GR-D790EX, GR-D790US, GR-D793, GR-D796, GR-D796EK, GR-D796EX, GR-D796US, GR-D820EK, GR-D850, GR-D850EK, GR-D850EX, GR-D850US, GR-D851, GR-D853, GR-D860EK, GR-D870EK, GR-D870US, GR-D875, GR-D875EK, GR-D875US, GR-DA20, GR-DA20EX, GR-DA30, GR-DA30AC, GR-DA30US


- GY-HM100, GY-HM100U

- GZ-HD10, GZ-HD10AC, GZ-HD10EK, GZ-HD10EX, GZ-HD10US, GZ-HD200A, GZ-HD200B, GZ-HD200R, GZ-HD230, GZ-HD260, GZ-HD3, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD300, GZ-HD300A, GZ-HD300AC, GZ-HD300AEK, GZ-HD300AUS, GZ-HD300B, GZ-HD300BEK, GZ-HD300BUS, GZ-HD300R, GZ-HD300REK, GZ-HD300RUS, GZ-HD30AC, GZ-HD30B, GZ-HD30EK, GZ-HD30EX, GZ-HD30S, GZ-HD30US, GZ-HD310, GZ-HD320, GZ-HD320AC, GZ-HD320BUS, GZ-HD3AA, GZ-HD3AC, GZ-HD3AG, GZ-HD3AH, GZ-HD3EK, GZ-HD3EX, GZ-HD3US, GZ-HD40, GZ-HD40AC, GZ-HD40EK, GZ-HD40EX, GZ-HD40US, GZ-HD5, GZ-HD5B, GZ-HD5EK, GZ-HD5EX, GZ-HD5S, GZ-HD5US, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD6EK, GZ-HD6EX, GZ-HD6US, GZ-HD7, GZ-HD7AC, GZ-HD7B, GZ-HD7EK, GZ-HD7EX, GZ-HD7S, GZ-HD7US, GZ-HM1, GZ-HM110, GZ-HM1AC, GZ-HM1S, GZ-HM1SEK, GZ-HM1SEU, GZ-HM1SUS, GZ-HM200, GZ-HM200AC, GZ-HM200BAH, GZ-HM200BEK, GZ-HM400, GZ-HM400AC, GZ-HM400-B, GZ-HM400EU, GZ-HM400-S, GZ-HM400U, GZ-HM400US, GZ-HM80, GZ-HM90, GZ-MG120, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG130AC, GZ-MG130EK, GZ-MG130EX, GZ-MG130U, GZ-MG130US, GZ-MG131, GZ-MG131EK, GZ-MG131EX, GZ-MG131US, GZ-MG132, GZ-MG132EK, GZ-MG132EX, GZ-MG132US, GZ-MG133, GZ-MG133EK, GZ-MG133EX, GZ-MG133US, GZ-MG134, GZ-MG134EK, GZ-MG134EX, GZ-MG134US, GZ-MG135, GZ-MG135AA, GZ-MG135EK, GZ-MG135EX, GZ-MG135US, GZ-MG135US, GZ-MG140, GZ-MG140AA, GZ-MG142, GZ-MG145, GZ-MG145AA, GZ-MG148, GZ-MG148AA, GZ-MG148EK, GZ-MG148EX, GZ-MG148US, GZ-MG150, GZ-MG150EF, GZ-MG150EK, GZ-MG150EX, GZ-MG150US, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG155A, GZ-MG155AC, GZ-MG155EK, GZ-MG155EX, GZ-MG155P, GZ-MG155U, GZ-MG155US, GZ-MG155US, GZ-MG157, GZ-MG157EK, GZ-MG157EX, GZ-MG157US, GZ-MG175, GZ-MG175AC, GZ-MG175EK, GZ-MG175EX, GZ-MG175US, GZ-MG177, GZ-MG177EK, GZ-MG177EX, GZ-MG177US, GZ-MG210, GZ-MG211, GZ-MG220, GZ-MG230, GZ-MG230U, GZ-MG250, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG255A, GZ-MG255AC, GZ-MG255EK, GZ-MG255EX, GZ-MG255US, GZ-MG255W, GZ-MG260, GZ-MG261, GZ-MG262, GZ-MG275, GZ-MG275AA, GZ-MG275AC, GZ-MG275B, GZ-MG275E, GZ-MG275EK, GZ-MG275EX, GZ-MG275S, GZ-MG275US, GZ-MG330, GZ-MG330A, GZ-MG330AUS, GZ-MG330B, GZ-MG330H, GZ-MG330HUS, GZ-MG330R, GZ-MG330RUS, GZ-MG330S, GZ-MG330US, GZ-MG335, GZ-MG335H, GZ-MG335HUS, GZ-MG335US, GZ-MG335W, GZ-MG335WUS, GZ-MG340B, GZ-MG340BUS, GZ-MG35, GZ-MG36, GZ-MG360, GZ-MG360B, GZ-MG360BUC, GZ-MG360BUS, GZ-MG360S, GZ-MG361, GZ-MG361US, GZ-MG361US, GZ-MG365, GZ-MG365B, GZ-MG365BUS, GZ-MG365H, GZ-MG365US, GZ-MG430B, GZ-MG430H, GZ-MG430HUS, GZ-MG435B, GZ-MG435H, GZ-MG435HUS, GZ-MG437B, GZ-MG465, GZ-MG465B, GZ-MG465BUS, GZ-MG465US, GZ-MG530, GZ-MG530AC, GZ-MG555, GZ-MG555EK, GZ-MG555EX, GZ-MG555US, GZ-MG575, GZ-MG575AC, GZ-MG575B, GZ-MG575EK, GZ-MG575EX, GZ-MG575S, GZ-MG575US, GZ-MG610SEU, GZ-MG630, GZ-MG630A, GZ-MG630AA, GZ-MG630AC, GZ-MG630AEK, GZ-MG630AU, GZ-MG630AUS, GZ-MG630R, GZ-MG630RAA, GZ-MG630RAG, GZ-MG630REK, GZ-MG630RUS, GZ-MG630S, GZ-MG630SAA, GZ-MG630SAH, GZ-MG630SEK, GZ-MG630SUS, GZ-MG630US, GZ-MG645, GZ-MG645BEK, GZ-MG645BUS, GZ-MG650, GZ-MG670, GZ-MG670B, GZ-MG670BUS, GZ-MG670US, GZ-MG680, GZ-MG680B, GZ-MG680BUS, GZ-MG680US, GZ-MG730, GZ-MG730AC, GZ-MG730BUS, GZ-MG730US, GZ-MG740, GZ-MG830, GZ-MG830AC, GZ-MG840, GZ-MG840A, GZ-MG840R, GZ-MG840S, GZ-MG880, GZ-MS100, GZ-MS100R, GZ-MS100RUS, GZ-MS100US, GZ-MS101, GZ-MS120, GZ-MS120A, GZ-MS120AUS, GZ-MS120B, GZ-MS120BUS, GZ-MS120R, GZ-MS120RUS, GZ-MS123, GZ-MS130, GZ-MS130A, GZ-MS130AUS, GZ-MS130B, GZ-MS130BEU, GZ-MS130BUS, GZ-MS130R, GZ-MS90, GZ-MS90US, GZ-MS95SEU, GZ-X900, GZ-X900EK, GZ-X900U

Intelligent rechargeable battery system - 100% compatible (supports the display of the remaining battery charge, time available for videos, etc. - can be charged using the original charging device).

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting