Battery Li-Ion compatible with Kodak Klic-7001 / Medion / POLAROID / Jenoptik NP-40

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: KLIC-7001, NP-40, DLi213. Dimensions: ca. 40 x 35 x 5 mm. Capacity: 700 mAh / 3,7V.

Suitable for use with:

- Kodak Easyshare M320, M340, M341, M753, M763, M853, M863, M893, M893 IS, M1063, M1073, V550, V570, V610, V705
- Agfa Agfaphoto Optima 1338, 1338MT, 2338, 2338MT
- Jenoptik JD10.0Z3SS, JD10, JD 10.0 Jay-Tech Videoshot Full HD10
- BenQ DC-E1050, DC-E1050T, DC-E1220
- Medion P42010, MD85863, MD86063, MD86288, MD86390, Life X47006, Life MD86195
- Polaroid T1031, T1035, T1232, T1234, T1235
- Praktica Luxmedia 10-TS, 10TS, 12-TS, 12TS
- Rollei Compactline 200, CL200, CL-200

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting