Battery Ni-MH compatible with Panasonic VW-VBS10E

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: HHR-V20, HHR-V211, HHR-V211T/1H, NVA3, NV-A3, P-V211, P-V211T, VSB-0190, VSB-0200, VW-VBS10, VW-VBS10E. Dimensions: ca. 73 x 46 x 20 mm. Capacity: 1200 mAh / 4.8V.

Suitable for use with Panasonic NV-A1, NV-A1EN, NV-A3, NV-A3A, NV-A4, NV-A5, NV-A5A, NV-A5EN, NV-A7, NV-ALEN, NV-CSLEN, NV-R00PN, NV-R10, NV-R100, NV-R100EN, NV-R10A, NV-R11, NV-R11A, NV-R11B, NV-R15, NV-R200, NV-R3, NV-R30, NV-R30A, NV-R33, NV-R330, NV-R330EN, NV-R33A, NV-R33B, NV-R33E, NV-R35, NV-R5, NV-R50, NV-R500, NV-R500EN, NV-R500EW, NV-R500MC, NV-R50A, NV-R50B, NV-R50E, NV-R55, NV-R550, NV-R550EN, NV-R55A, NV-R65E, NV-RX1, RX10, NV-RX100, NV-RX101, NV-RX10A, NV-RX10EN, NV-RX11, NV-RX11A, NV-RX11EG, NV-RX11EN, NV-RX11ENH, NV-RX19, NV-RX1A, NV-RX2, NV-RX20, NV-RX200, NV-RX201, NV-RX20EN, NV-RX22EN, NV-RX22ENH, NV-RX2A, NV-RX3, NV, RX30, NV-RX30, NV-RX30EN, NV-RX33, NV-RX3A, NV-RX49, NV-RX5, NV-RX50, NV-RX501, NV-RX6, NV-RX600, NV-RX7, NV-RX70, NV-RX70EN, V-RX7A, NV-RX9, NV-RXTEN, NV-S10, NV-S100, NV-S200, NV-S58, NV-S65, NV-S65E, NV-S70, NV-S77, NV-S77A, NV-S85, NV-S850, NV-S850EN, NV-S85A, NV-S88, NV-S880, NV-S90, NV-S900, NV-S90A, NV-S950, NV-S950PN, NV-S99, NV-S990, NV-S99A, NV-SX3, NV-SX30, NV-SX50, NV-SX50EN, NV-V10, NV-V10A,NV-VX1, NV-VX10, NV-VX10A, NV-VX10EN, NV-VX1A, NV-VX20, NV-VX21, NV-VX22, NV-VX22A, NV-VX22EN, NV-VX22ENH, NV-VX3, NV-VX30, NV-VX30EN, NV-VX31, NV-VX33, NV-VX33EG, NV-VX33EN, NV-VX33ENH, NV-VX3A, NV-VX5, NV-VX51, NV-VX55, NV-VX55A, NV-VX55EG, NV-VX55EN, NV-VX55ENH, NV-VX5A, NV-VX5EN, NV-VX5ENH, NV-VX7, NV-VX70, NV-VX70A, NV-VX70EN, NV-VX77, NV-VX77A, NV-VX77ENH, NV-VX7A, NV-VX9, NV-X100, VW-VBS10E.

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting