Battery Li-Ion compatible with JVC BN-VG121 (incl Charger + car charger)

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Contact design is identical with the following types of rechargeable batteries: BN-VG114, BN-VG121. Dimensions: ca. 42,5 x 30 x 52 mm. Capacity: 3300 mAh / 3,6V.

Suitable for use with JVC GZ-HD620, GZ-HD500.

Note: This item is not compatible with the following models: JVC GZ-HM30, GZ-HM310, GZ-HM330, GZ-HM435, GZ-HM440, GZ-HM650, GZ-HM655, GZ-HM845, GZ-HM960, GZ-MS150.

Rechargeable battery with output cable (flat plug) for connection to camera power supply.

4 LEDs display charging status.

Mini-USB connector (rechargeable battery can be loaded with the PC using the mini-USB cable).

  • High capacity for longer service life!
  • High quality battery cells by brand name manufacturers
  • Meticulous production
  • Charging performed with standard power supply
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting


  • Base with battery retainer for battery models BN-VG114 / BN-VG121
  • The charger is only suitable for use with the rechargeable battery supplied.
  • Power supply cable
  • Cable for use in vehicle
  • Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz / DC 12-24V (vehicle cable)
  • Output: DC 4,2V 600mA

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