Battery Li-Ion for Siemens C35 C35i C35e M35 M35i P35 S35 S35i S46 S47 (replaced V30145-K1310-X12T)

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Compatible with: Siemens C35, C35i, C35e, M35, M35i, P35, S35, S35i, S46, S47, 3506, 3508, 3518, 3568, 3608, Gigaset 4000 micro, Gigaset 4000i micro, Gigaset 4000L micro, Gigaset 4000s micro, Gigaset 4010 micro, Gigaset 4010s micro, Gigaset 4015 micro, Gigaset 4015s micro, Gigaset M1 Professional, Gigaset Active M, Telekom Sinus 700, Sinus 700m, Sinus 700 micro, Sinus 710, Sinus 710x micro, Sinus 710xa micro. Replaces this battery type: L36880-N5401-A102, V30145-K1310-X12T, V30145-K1310-X127, V30145-K1310-X131, V30145-K1310-X132, V30145-K1310-X133, V30145-K1310-X229. Dimensions: ca. 53 x 37 x 8 mm. Capacity: 1300 mAh.

  • Long stand-by and conversation duration
  • With the maximum capacity for this type of rechargeable battery!
  • High quality battery cells with long service life
  • Precision production
  • Replacement for the original rechargeable batteries of the models listed above
  • Can be charged using any charger suitable for the device
  • No memory effect
  • Protection from overloading/overheating/short circuiting
  • Maximum possible safety!

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